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Our Solution: Farm in a Box™

Posted in 1 by drdave on December 14, 2009

Farm In A Box

Having studied the different systems being marketed around the world, our product development group at Earth Solutions has created pleasing designs for indoors and out, making aquaponics accessible to everyone. Placed in educational settings, next to a home window or in public spaces the Farm in a Box gives but an example of the possiblities.

In doing so, Earth Solutions has designed 4 aquaponic Farm in a Box models and has two more in development. These include the Little Tokyo (as seen on Good Morning America), the Sydney, Grand Cayman and the Phoenix. Originally we launched these with wooden tanks but realized that glass was more experiential and created more educational opportunities.

Earlier models were made from FSC certified pine, to save on cost, but required paint or finish to leave outdoors. Newer models are of FSC Certified cypress which is more water tolerant.  Rather than relying on PVC containers we are using EPDM rubber to create a water tight bed liner. This is the most stable form of pond liner and is recognized as the best material in aquaculture.  These systems are available at Earth Solutions website and by taking advantage of our Holiday Promo Code: AQUA2431you are eligible to receive a 15% discount through December 15th, 2009.

These smaller systems are not merely convenient means of gardening on patio or indoors but they truly represent the future of gardening. As our world’s population rises and resources of fish and farmland diminish we have no choice but to redefine how we feed ourselves. Aquaponics is one very important step to our sustainability on this very small planet. By taking responsibility to feed ourselves on an individual and community level we can wrestle the task of farming away from the agriculture industry which will has already become overburdened. By teaching our children how simplified garden methods exist, we will have sown the seeds to our survival.”

– Dr. David Epstein

“Very Cool!”

“That’s Amazing!”

“Wow!  This makes gardening fun and educational!”

“I can create an entire science curriculum around this system!”

These were some of the comments we heard as people visited our booth.  The children

were particulary taken which supports our goal of using our aquaponic systems in educational settings.

Remember, Aquaponics works best when people work less!

Follow us as this exciting story continues in 2010!

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  1. jignesh desai said,

    Very nice artical. But I want to know from you that any education in hydroponic.

  2. It’s a difficult issue. I understand both sides of the debate because of how fairly you have presented them here. I look forward to your updates on the subject.

  3. Kami Jordan said,

    I wish I could write this good and open up my own blog, you do an awesome job and I’m very proud to say that I read daily.

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