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Dr Dave discusses Influenza, Swine Flu and Essential Oils with the Huffington Post

Hello Dr. Epstein,

Sadie Nardini here; I’m a writer for the Huffington Post, and I have a story going out on a tight deadline today. Hugh Simpson referred me to you.
It’s about how to boost immunity this cold/flu season naturally.
If possible, could you answer the following questions for me quickly?:
Which essential oils are known to support immunity? Do they need to be therapeutic grade? If so, where can people find them?
Have certain essential oils been found to boost immune system functions?
How have your patients benefited from essential oil therapy around cold and flu?

Why do you think readers can benefit from adding essential oils to their daily health regime with cold and flue season ongoing?

Where can readers go to learn more?

Thanks–sorry for the rush!

Founder, Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga

Author, Road Trip Guide to the Soul

Dear Sadie,

Your question is excellent and presents an opportunity to encourage persons to improve their immunity through essential oil inhalation. While persons are not generally encouraged to take oils internally, oils inhaled and applied directly to the skin and or mucous membranes do make their way to the blood system and benefits may be qualified by the below articles.

While I do not make claims of the benefits of our oil blends for treating swine flu or any other flu condition, it can be deduced that there is effectiveness of the oils used in our products on many levels. We have a very popular blend called Breathe Easy that contains essential oils of pine, lemon and eucalyptus.


Below are a few articles and publications that issue compelling support of the use of these three oils for immunity and respiratory infection prevention.

One study confirms that essential oils are responsible for the noted benefits in an Japanese activity called “Forest Bathing.” As it goes, “forests can lower stress and make people feel at ease, he said, noting that findings in other physiological experiments, including fluctuations in heart beats and blood pressure, support this conclusion.

“Humans had lived in nature for 5 million years. We were made to fit a natural environment. So we feel stress in an urban area,” Miyazaki said. “When we are exposed to nature, our bodies go back to how they should be.”

forestTaking a walk in a forest, or “forest bathing” as it is sometimes called, can strengthen the immune system, according to Li Qing, a senior assistant professor of forest medicine at Nippon Medical School in Tokyo.

This phenomenon is supported by Japanese research that studied effects of the essential oils released by tree leaves and branches in forests.

Another study suggests that mood and endocrine functions were definitely elevated by inhalation of lemon essential oil.


“Self-reported and unobtrusive mood measures provided robust evidence that lemon oil reliably enhances positive mood compared to water and lavender regardless of expectancies or previous use of aromatherapy. Moreover, norepinephrine levels following the cold presser remained elevated when subjects smelled lemon, compared to water or lavender.”

Another study indicates that eucalyptus oil goes beyond topical antiseptic, bronchodilatory or anti inflammatory effects and in fact, when given internally improves immune response.

eucalyptus“CONCLUSION: Our data, demonstrating that Eucalyptus oil extract is able to implement the innate cell-mediated immune response, provide scientific support for an additional use of this plant extract, besides those concerning its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties and stimulate further investigations also using single components of this essential oil. This might drive development of a possible new family of immuno-regulatory agents, useful as adjuvant in immuno-suppressive pathologies, in infectious disease and after tumor chemotherapy.”

I have a personal remedy that I believe belongs in every medicine cabinet. The formula can be made by taking an empty nasal spray bottle and add a drop of the Breathe Easy blend (pine, lemon, eucalyptus), plus add three teaspoons of colloidal silver, a dash of table salt and a half drop of oregano essential oil. Oregano is considered to be the most potent of all essential oils in combating viral, fungal and bacterial infections. When diluted to a tolerable levelĀ  and added to pine, lemon and eucalyptus, there is reason to be hopeful in combating respiratory infections from a surface antiseptic level and by enhancing immune response. But I urge caution as concentrated application can not only “burn” infectious organism but cause severe skin or mucous membrane burn. In doing this I recommend users first consult an aromatherapist, herbalist or licensed practitioner with experience in this field.

oregano oilFor product resources, we supply a full range of therapeutic grade essential oils on our website. While there is a tremendous amount of research and anecdotal information on the web, one may find very reliable studies that are peer-reviewed double blind or otherwise qualified research available a PubMed a service of the U.S. National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health

I hope that helps.

Dr Dave

David Epstein, D.O.
Earth Solutions


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